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Affordable Chiropractor

Dear Practice Member,
Below is new payment system I may implement in my office.
I’d appreciate if you could pease take a look and give me your feedback.
 Is it clear? Do you think your family/ friends/ co-workers would be interested in this type of system? Would having this system make you more likely to continue with your care? Would you refer others including your family to our practice if we had this type of  payment system?
Thanks for your feedback!
Dr. Angela
 The Honour System

 How important is the chiropractic adjustment?

My experience is that it always enhances an individual’s life expression, and that everyone benefits from regular chiropractic care. This is because adjustments allow for more efficient transmission of life force or healing energy in the body. Your body is programmed for health so when the communication between your brain and body is clear you function better and have a greater chance of being healthy. As a result, I established the Honour Fee System.

What is The Honour Fee Sytem?

This is a system of paying according to your means. This allows for everyone to receive the benefits of chiropractic. The suggested fee is £30 for regular adjustments or £50 for the first visit. Please pay as close to this amount as you are able – it may be more, it may be less, it may be the exact amount. Please place your payment in the black ‘box on the wall’ by the sofa.

 Please note:We are a private clinic. We are NOT paid by the NHS and we are NOT a charity. Our operations rely solely on your payments in the ‘box on the wall’. It is based on the understanding that I will share with you my 9 years of experience and provide you with the best chiropractic care while you honour this service by determining a fair exchange
How you value the life enhancing benefits of a visit here is a personal choice. But please put into perspective how you value other “essentials” in life. For example, you value transportation, so you spend £25 –30 on a weekly travel card or petrol. You value nutrition, so you spend £50 or more per week on groceries. You value fitness, so you pay a monthly gym fee. Take time to reflect and ensure that you are honouring the value of your adjustment.
How can I support this system?
  • Refer others to this practice. This system depends upon a certain volume of people for it to continue. Because of this, we appreciate your referrals. Please tell your loved ones, family and friends and work colleagues about our unique service. By doing so, you will help them to become a fuller expression of life and health. You will also ensure the continuation of our system for yourself.
  • Payment is due at the time of service.Your timely payment helps us to keep this system available and your chiropractic care affordable.
  • Get your spine checked regularly for subluxation. Please follow the schedule of care prescribed by Dr. Grove. All participants are seen monthly at a minimum, or more frequent as required. This assures continued spinal wellness and prevents the build up of subluxation and poor health patterns.
 Thank you for the opportunity to be your chiropractor.
Dr. Angela Grove, Chiropractor
Highgate Chiropractic
174 Archway Road
London  N6 5BB
Tel: 020 8341 2212

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  1. I think that is a great proposal and I will definitely support it.

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