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Pay According To Your Means – London Chiropractic Clinic

We have introduced a new improved payment system. This is a unique and friendly system that allows everyone to receive the benefits of chiropractic. 
This change to our payment scheme has been very exciting for our staff and for our patients and even more exciting for Dr. Angela Grove. This is because she feels this system, called the ‘honour system’ or ‘box on the wall’, is congruent with her purpose as a principled chiropractor and as a healthcare professional who wants to make a difference in people’s lives.
Read on and spread the good news about more affordable healthcare in London!
The purpose of chiropractic is to maximise health by removing subluxations, or areas of the spine that block off the healing power of the nervous system. Read below and decide for yourself how important maintaining spinal health is to you and your family.
If you choose chiropractic, then please call our London clinic to book in for a free pre-consultation. This is a free session which is available to all who have an interest in improving their health naturally. You can also book a free pre-consultation at or on
How important is a chiropractic adjustment?  My experience is that it always enhances an individual’s health, and everyone, young and old, benefit from regular chiropractic care. This is because adjustments allow for more efficient transmission of information in the body. Your body is programmed for health so when the communication within your spine is clear you function better. This means you have a greater chance of being healthy. Everyone deserves the gift of health so I established a way for all people to receive chiropractic adjustments called the Honour System.
What is The Honour Fee or Box on the Wall System?  This is a system of paying according to your means. This allows for everyone to receive the benefits of chiropractic and also allow entire familes to receive chiropractic adjustments. The suggested fee is £30 for an adult, or £50 for your first visit (consultation and examination). Please pay as close to this amount as you are able – it may be more, it may be less, it may be the exact amount.

 How can I support this system?

  • Please refer others to this practice. Tell your friends about our unique service.
  • Get your spine checked regularly.
  • Encourage your family to stay healthy with chiropractic.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your chiropractor. It is a pleasure to serve the people of London principled chiropractic. 

Dr. Angela Grove


Please note: We are a private clinic. We are NOT paid by the NHS. Our operations rely solely on your payments.

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