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Dr. Angela Grove is a former professional ballet dancer and presently practicing in north London as a Doctor of Chiropractic (see, and It was during her years as a dancer that she was exposed to the benefits of regular chiropractic care. She trained with many prestigious dance schools in the US and in Switzerland including Pacific Northwest Ballet (Seattle), School of American Ballet and the Alvin Ailey School (New York) and the Zurich Opera House Ballet School. She has danced with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Kansas City Ballet, Chicago City Ballet, Miami City Ballet, and St. Gallen Ballet (Switzerland). She graduated from Mercyhurst College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. She was inspired by the chiropractors who took care of her throughout her dance career and became passionate about ways to improve health naturally.  Dr. Grove states that “as a dancer, you look for ways to improve your performance, stay strong and prevent injuries. The chiropractic philosphy connected with me and gave me good results.” 

She completed her post graduate studies in the USA at Life University (  and graduated with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree (Honours) in 2000. Since then, Dr. Grove has been in practice in the UK and has worked with many amateur and professional dancers around the USA and UK . She has worked backstage at the Royal Opera House, caring for dance companies during rehearsals and performances. She continues to offer this type of on site chiropractic care at London area venues.

In addition to Dr. Angela Grove’s work on dancers, she has cared for individuals and families in the London area, as well as members of her very active and sporty family. “Children have the same need as adults when it comes to caring for the spine. How many children do you know that do sports, sit at computers for hours, carry heavy rucksacks, or slouch? Abusing one’s posture and back problems start early. It is a part of everyday life,” says Grove. 

Throughout her clinical experience, Dr. Grove has treated children, students, teenagers, pregnant women, athletes, working professionals, the elderly and a range of others who experience everyday stress and strain. Her youngest patient is 7 days old and her oldest is 92 years young!

Dr. Grove’s mission is to serve as many people as possible through principled chiropractic. In doing so, Dr. Angela wishes to inspire the world to a fuller life and expression of health. She wishes to be the London chiropractor who educates and serves principled chiropractic to the UK’s unique capital. “Big city life is stressful. The people of London need chiropractic. They need local chiropractors who will educate them about true health and importance of a healthy spine,” says Dr. Grove. 

She is registered with the General Chiropractic Council ( of the UK and continues with her postgraduate and continuing professional and educational development with seminars throughout Europe. She has worked with Dr. Marc Hudson, who has the largest chiropractic clinic in Europe. Dr. Hudson’s dedication and inspiration to the profession has encouraged Dr. Grove to spread the vital message that chiropractic changes lives and is one of the most important thing you can do to stay healthy. Dr. Hudson says, “If you have a spine and you are alive, then you need a chiropractor.”

Because of her first hand experience in the dance world, she offers a unique understanding of the injuries and physical demands of dancers and all athletes. She is also experienced with caring for a range of people who suffer from the strains of daily living, such as prolonged sitting, driving, heavy lifting, standing, carrying children, gardening and lack of exercise or poor fitness. “We are a result of our habits. Our bodies are very intelligent. They memorise poor posture, poor positions and repetitive habits. This is the reason why problems development slowly and silently. Health issues often go unnoticed until its too late so even those without symptoms should be getting regular spinal check ups ,” says Dr. Grove.

Dr. Grove offers a free consultation and information class in her Highgate practice. She is also available for on-site spinal or posture assessments for companies, dance groups, charities or health day events. “I help people perform better in the work place, on stage and at home,” says Grove.

Dr. Angela Grove can be reached at her Highgate clinic at 174 Archway Road, N6 5BB or by calling 020 8341 2212.

“Nothing is more valuable than your health or the health of your family. Your nerves and your spine control all aspects to your health. This is why you need to keep it healthy for life,” says Dr. Grove.

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