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The Road of Life – EC4 London Chiropractor

This article of my blog is dedicated to my dear friend, Dr. Gretchen Miller, Chiropractor, Pamplona Spain. The world’s healing energy is coming your way….

Life is certainly interesting….at least mine is! Just when you think you have it all figured out, unexpected things arise. More often than desired, most of us have had expectations and life plans suddenly change. I’m not speaking strictly about life but ideas, wants, desires, dreams, jobs, friends, partners, family situations…just about anything you can and cannot imagine may be thrown your way.

Some people say that this calls for a ‘plan B’ at all times, but I disagree. Having a ‘plan B’ seems to give you an option for failure, or ‘second best’. Plan B’s or second best may not always be bad alternatives and may just lead you to where you are meant to be but they should never be considered ‘plan B’s’ in the first place.

When life introduces unexpected twists and turns one should look at them as opportunities and not losses. Change or unexpected events literally open doors to growth while closing doors to habits or ways of being that may be in need of transformation.

Being adaptable is the key to creating a positive outcome to life’s next punch, not the ‘plan B’. There are many avenues to life and they all lead in diverse directions. Most of the roads in life are good just not planned for. Many may also be bad or produce negative outcomes. It is not which road you take but how you enjoy the journey. Ups and downs are part of the road. Being connected intuitively, physically, mentally and spiritually are paramount to keeping you on the best roads of life.

SO, how does this relate to chiropractic? Can chiropractic keep me on the good roads?

Chiropractic is about connecting the body so you can be as adaptable as possible on all fronts; physically, chemically and emotionally. Chiropractic along with a life based on respect for universal principles, integrity and nature, point you in the direction of a healthy, happy life.

Life poses obstacles on our many journeys. These obstacles appear in the body in the form of three types of stress; physical, chemical and emotional. When the control system of your body or nerve system is out of sync, then you cannot coordinate physical, chemical and emotional processes. This means you cannot react or adapt to life’s unexpected turns. This may lead to a bumpy ride on your life’s journey.

The brain and spine cannot do its job if nerve flow is pinched by misaligned bones in the spine. If your spine is restricted, out of alignment, locked up and not moving in a normal manner, then vital messages which tell your body how to work are not relayed properly.

So, what happens? How does this impact you, your life, your health, your choices, your future, your family’s future?

Research has shown that just a small amount of pressure, equivalent to the weight of a dime or a five pence piece, impairs nerve flow and decreases electrical transmissions through a nerve root by up to 50% (Dr. Chung Ha Suh, Ph.D, University of Colorado). This means that your body on a physical level is not responding to life’s punches as best it can. It means that you don’t connect or adapt to life as efficiently, leading to a life journey which may not be as happy, fun, healthy, and enjoyable for you and those around you. It could also mean that  ‘plan Bs’ don’t come so easily. It may mean that you struggle to adapt on all fronts; physical, chemical and emotional. It means your body works in an ineffcient state. You cannot navigate down the avenues of life with ease. It means you can’t ‘enjoy the journey because your body is struggling to find balance and coordination.

SO, what’s the solution?

Get your life on the right path by paying attention to the five aspects to health which are proper diet, exercise, rest, a positive mental attitude and a properly functioning nervous system (i.e. a spine that is free of blockages and blocked nerve flow).

Is chiropractic the key? Yes and no. Yes, it a vital ingredient but no, it is not the only ingredient. You need all five health components and even then life’s roads still pose precarious twists and turns. But hey, that is what interesting about life. Adding the chiropractic ingredient can smooth out the bumps on the road by enhancing the connections which control and handle your life’s journey. If there is a sudden turn, you can ease into it with more finesse, less struggle and adapt more efficiently.

Are you prepared for the ride of your life? Get connected with chiropractic and get ready for an amazing journey! Zooooooom!

Written by Dr. Angela Grove, Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Grove is registered with the General Chiropractic Council of the UK (GCC). She is a graduate of Life University, Atlanta, Goergia, USA.

All rights are reserved to the author and this article cannot be copied without permission.

The information in the blog is not intended to be used as medical advice or as a substitute for professional health or medical care.

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Swine Flu: Is Fear Driving you to Chose the Vaccine or Logic?

An amazing chiropractor and friend, Dr. Michelle Nielsen, designed the youtube video below to help people make informed decisions about the swine flu and the vaccine. Dr. Nielsen is a pioneer in the field of natural health and is dedicated to educating all people about true health, healing and ways to manifest a better life.

I would highly recommend spending 5 minutes to review the material presented in her informative youtube video. She presents some simple facts and statistics that can help you make an informed choice for your health.

Go to

The video presents the truth behind the swine flu, the statistics of past flu epidemics and the latest facts which researchers are presenting. The rush to go out and get the vaccine may be a big plan by the pharmaceutical companies to scare people into getting the swine flu vaccine.

Is the threat really that big? Past predictions about former flu epidemics were incorrect. Researchers say that the swine flu is no more dangerous than regular seasonal flu. Also, the numbers say that you are 322 times more likely to die in a car accident than by the swine flu. Do the risks of chemical laden vaccines outweigh the benefits? What are the side effects of the swine flu vaccine?

Please stay informed about this important issue. Also, do your own research, take care of your health, rest, maintain a positive mental outlook, improve your diet, and keep your spine healthy with chiropractic and stretching exercises.

Approach the swine flu with an informed and open mind. Don’t let fear drive your choices and most importantly, think of the basic and most natural ways to prevent potential health problems. You then have a greater chance of strengthening your immune system and keeping the swine flu away from you and your loved ones.

In Health,

Dr. Angela Grove

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Chiropractic: A Natural Solution for Better Health

Do painkillers fix your health problems? Do drugs cure you or correct the causes of your pain? Is medication actually helping you or does it possibly cause more damage?

Though it isn’t required, many of my patients consult my clinic after getting a referral from their GP. More consult my practice on their own accord after being dissatisfied with the solutions that their GPs propose for their health problems. 

Almost daily, my patients complain to me that the only health solutions offered by their GPs are medications or prescribed painkillers. Nowadays, most people who attend my clinic are not happy to take more over the counter pills or prescribed drugs.

You don’t have to be a ‘healthnut’ to take on this viewpoint. I see retired people, pregnant women, mothers, students and office workers who all prefer to avoid medications if possible. For most people, it just makes sense to fix things as naturally as possible when it comes to the body and their health concerns.

I think humans innately know that trying to achieve health through unnatural ways is not good for them. I do not intend in any way to criticise  the medical profession as their presence is so important to so many people.  But even medical professionals are quick to admit that many common medications have possible side effects and that prolonged use of medications may cause future complications. Other problems with pharmaceuticals include mistakenly consuming incorrect dosages or even mix ups in hospitals or pharmacies with giving out the wrong medications. The research and the statistics are out there that support the numerous mistakes with medications. Nowadays it has become more mainstream for all people, even medical doctors, to support natural ways of staying healthy.

So, why the trend toward natural ways to help the body stay healthy?

We all know that our bodies require natural foods to stay healthy. Drugs, pills, chemicals and anything artificial is not something our bodies are designed to process. Foods that are consumed in their whole and natural form are more in alignment with the biochemistry of our bodies and easier for us to process. Pharmaceuticals, though helpful to those with specifically diagnosed needs, contain an array of potentially harmful chemical and artificial ingredients that may produce various side effects.

Medications don’t ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ the actual health problem, but rather fool your body into ‘thinking’ or ‘feeling’ that your are well. Usually medications offer a false sense of well-being because they make symptoms less noticable. They often cause a change in the production of this hormone or that receptor in the body. This tricks the body into ‘thinking’ that all is ok. You may then go on with your regular activities and may not be giving the body the necessary time required to heal.

Taking control of your health requires that you shift your normal beliefs about pain and symptoms to how the body expresses health, displays potential problems and how the body adapts, functions and heals.

Your body is programmed for survival and for health. For example, we get high fevers to kill off bacteria or infections in the body. We perspire to cool down and to maintian our body’s constant core temperature. Joints get swollen and inflamed after an injury so they become more stable and less moveable which allows damaged tissues the time to heal. If we ingest  bad food, we may vomit or get diarrhea to expel the damaging bacteria. This is the body’s way of maintaining balance and expressing its natural built in defense mechanisms.

So, what happens if we take a pill or potion to suppress these expressions of health? We may feel better. All signs of the problem may seem to disappear. But what happens next? Perhaps we may experience a side effect. Read on to hear my story…

I personally had a horrible experience with NSAIDS which are commonly prescribed or purchased over the counter. (NSAIDS are non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).  I developed a severe stomach ulcer at the age of 24. I was prescribed ibuprofen (This is an anti-inflammatory medication, or NSAID. This drug is available over the counter in the US and the UK and is often an ingredient in nurofen, paracetamol or motrin). This medication was prescribed by an orthopaedic medical doctor for a foot injury I sustained during my ballet training. I continued with my dance rehearsals and  felt no pain. Was I cured? When I finished bottle of  ibruprofen,  I discovered I was not cured but in even worse pain than before. I was in agony. I realised that I was doing myself more harm because I was dancing on an injured foot, not allowing it to heal. Although I didn’t feel any pain whilst dancing, I certainly was not giving my body what it needed to get well. Then a stomach ulcer appeared 4 years later. I know it was because of my use of ibruprofen. I was regularly prescribed anti-inflammatories for my injuries throughout my dance career. I often needed to perform, despite injuries and I listened to my medical doctor.  In any case, it was apparent to me that medications were interfering with my inborn defense system. I found out the hard way that complications or side effects do occur from using a medication regularly.

Often painkillers give you a false sense of wellness.  This means you don’t give the body the time required to heal. This may result in  a relapse of symptoms, extended healing times and sometimes permanent damage.

So, what is the solution?

Dr Joe Mercola, a well respected health professional ( says the following, “Care, not treatment, is the answer. Drugs, surgery and hospitals are rarely the answer to chronic health problems. Facilitating the God-given healing capacity that all of us have is the key. Improving the diet, exercise and lifestyle are basic.”

Chiropractic is a lifestyle habit that can help with the body’s healing and function. The body has a master control system called the nervous system which is responsible for controlling and coordinating all internal functions. Interference with this system can disrupt the healing capacity of your body. Chiropractors assure the smooth running of this system by giving gentle adjustments to misaligned spinal bones.  If the blockages to the nerves are removed your body has a greater chance of expressing health, adapting and healing.

This is natural and  non invasive way to stay healthy.

You are responsible for your health, your lifestyle habits and the health choices you make.

So, what sounds better to you;

  • natural or chemical?
  • prevention or crisis, suffering  and treatments?
  • healing from the outside or healing from the inside?
  • maintaining health or fighting diseases and conditions?
  • balance or imbalance?

Chiropractic make sense.

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Dr. Angela Grove is a Doctor of Chiropractic. She trained at Life University’s College of Chiropractic ( in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and has been in practice for 9 years. She is fully qualified with the General Chiropractic Council of the UK. She continues to attend regular seminars in continuing education, clinical research, chiropractic technique and philosophy, as well as courses in health, fitness and personal development. She also enjoys practicing yoga, pilates, meditation, rollerblading, snowboarding and running.

Dr. Angela Grove in her Highgate practice

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