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Vitalistic Chiropractic In London EC4, Bank chiropractor

What is vitalistic healthcare?

Vitalistic healthcare?…hmmm, never heard of it but it sounds exciting!

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Vitalistic healthcare is true ‘health’ care in that it focuses on what is right in you and not what is wrong in you. It is based on the fact that the human body is a self healing and self regulating organism which strives to achieve balance, heal and adapt to whatever life throws its way. It aims to allow for more communication within the body so the innate healing system can function at 100%. It could be called preventative healthcare but a more appropriate name would be ‘full potential’ healthcare. It’s a way of caring for your health which utilises the body’s full capacity to adapt, heal, function, correct, create and maintain life.

Compare this with allopathic sickness care; a way of caring for the body only when it expresses a sign or symptom like pain or dysfunction. An example would be back pain. Let’s consider this scenario: You have back pain so you visit your GP. He prescribes pain killers so you don’t feel the back pain, sciatica, numbness or stabbing pain in your low back. You think to yourself, ‘I am cured! That doctor is a genius.’

On the inside, your body knows best. It is not fooled for a moment about the artificial way the medication masks the pain….the pain and injury is still there however the pain killer makes you disconnect from it. Does disconnecting from the pain help or hinder the healing process?

You continue with your regular activities, however you don’t feel the pain. You innately feel that its not right to take pills for back pain, but you have plans with your girlfriend to go toGlastonbury. Plus, you really don’t want to miss Amy Winehouse, Pendulum, the Kills or Kings ofLeon. So, you take the prescribed pain killers. You dance, party, camp and have a great time. You battle the traffic, and finally arrive back toLondonafter a few hours, but wait, something is wrong. You can’t get out of the car. Your mates help you out. You can barely walk and there is no way you can stand up straight! You are as crooked as a old witch, but you are only 24! What happened? Was taking the painkillers wrong? Was my body healthy or unhealthy when it told me that my back hurt? Was covering up the pain allowing me to do injury to an already injured part of my spine?

Your body has a built in innate intelligence. What is more intelligent; a pain killer or the human body?

Vitalistic healthcare is based on optimising the intelligence of the human body. It focuses on allowing more connections within so you can fully function. Allopathic or traditional sickness care focuses on shutting off the communication in the body so you feel less and are less connected.

I am a vitalistic chiropractor. I am committed to making vitalistic chiropractic mainstream.

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