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Swine Flu: Is Fear Driving you to Chose the Vaccine or Logic?

An amazing chiropractor and friend, Dr. Michelle Nielsen, designed the youtube video below to help people make informed decisions about the swine flu and the vaccine. Dr. Nielsen is a pioneer in the field of natural health and is dedicated to educating all people about true health, healing and ways to manifest a better life.

I would highly recommend spending 5 minutes to review the material presented in her informative youtube video. She presents some simple facts and statistics that can help you make an informed choice for your health.

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The video presents the truth behind the swine flu, the statistics of past flu epidemics and the latest facts which researchers are presenting. The rush to go out and get the vaccine may be a big plan by the pharmaceutical companies to scare people into getting the swine flu vaccine.

Is the threat really that big? Past predictions about former flu epidemics were incorrect. Researchers say that the swine flu is no more dangerous than regular seasonal flu. Also, the numbers say that you are 322 times more likely to die in a car accident than by the swine flu. Do the risks of chemical laden vaccines outweigh the benefits? What are the side effects of the swine flu vaccine?

Please stay informed about this important issue. Also, do your own research, take care of your health, rest, maintain a positive mental outlook, improve your diet, and keep your spine healthy with chiropractic and stretching exercises.

Approach the swine flu with an informed and open mind. Don’t let fear drive your choices and most importantly, think of the basic and most natural ways to prevent potential health problems. You then have a greater chance of strengthening your immune system and keeping the swine flu away from you and your loved ones.

In Health,

Dr. Angela Grove

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